Squeak's Workshop Information

A true O.G. poler, Squeak started pole dancing in the adult industry in the year 2000 and is still working the stripclub scene to this very day In 2004 she began including home pole and studio pole work into her training...and became an instructor a few short years later. For the past 14 years she has walked the line between the studio and stripper pole world, finding harmony and balance between the two. She credits her style of dynamic, death-defying drops and tumbles mixed with raw sensuality to growing up in the stripclub scene and applies that edginess to her studio classes and workshops...urging students not to polish the rough edges too much and to embrace uniqueness.  
.She took 1st place in the Nationally recognized Delilah’s Diamond G-String Entertainer competition in 2013 and again in 2015...as well as taken titles in other various club and radio show comps. She been a guest judge and feature performer for the Northeast Queen of the Pole competition for several years as well as Melee on the Bayou and other national comps. She has trained and choreographed dozens of 1st place winning entertainers and competitors in various pole and aerial competitions and beauty pageants. Squeak is also the host and organizer for Mr Pole Dance America, along with her partner in crime, Brian Wolf. 


Pop, Lock and Drop it

She is not called the "Drop Queen" for nothing!
Unlock the secrets to the fast, death-defying drops and quick pops that will stun your audience (or get those dollars raining down on you!)
Learn how to use internal and external rotation to put on the "brakes" and how to let gravity work for you! Safe spotting and practicing techniques will also be discussed.
All levels of pops and drops are covered in this workshop...from beginner all the way up to advanced! High drop splits, nose dives, thigh hold drop, casting drops, shoulder-mount pops, and holly drops from all sorts of daring starting positions! 

Ability to climb is necessary for this workshop. A strong inside leg hang and basic aerial inverts are recommended but not necessary. 




Pole Twerk (aka Cirque and Twerk) 

Whether you are a booty shaking aficionado or ass-shakingly  challenged...this workshop will not only help you find easy and relaxed positions to move your booty, but help you to add twerk seamlessly into your pole flow and trick transitions.  
Many different twerk methods will be covered (isolations, thigh rotations, popping, etc.) and broken down in detail for beginners to follow and experts to better hone their skills. Students will also learn an easy Exotic Flow routine that incorporates many different twerk techniques.  

Heels are recommended but not required. Knee pads, legwarmers, or knee protection is strongly advised! 




Hoop and Heels

Take your aerial work up a sexy notch! 
Performing on a hoop in heels is not as hard as it would seem. Learn how to navigate and utilize different parts of the heel to make hoop positions easy and effortless. Discover different ways in and out of basic moves to better accommodate the added height and pointy shoe bits!   
Students will also get a sexy, exotic flow routine using many of the tricks taught in the workshop. 

Heels are recommended! Basic knowledge of how to mount the hoop and beginner poses are also recommended.  This workshop is great for strong beginners up to advanced! 




Hammock Dance Flow

Are you an air yogi? Or maybe you've only used your hammock for working out and stretching? Or perhaps you know a lot of tricks but never had the opportunity to put them together?  
If trying to dance and flow on a hammock always results in a frustrating, tangled mess...then this workshop is for you! 
Learn how to recognize wraps and locks and start to train your brain how to effortlessly get out of tricky positions and tangles. 
We will be creating a flow routine from start to finish that incorporates common "sticky spots" as well as moves the participants already love and enjoy performing. 
This workshop can be tailored for Beginners all the way up to Advanced. 


Aerial Hoop: Drops & Rolls

Aerial hoop doesn’t always have to be about beautiful, bendy movement. Explore the dynamic, powerful side of this versatile apparatus. Make gravity and centripetal force your bitch in this fun and explosive class.
We will start from the ground up….learning simple pops, drops and rolls that are accessible to almost any level of hoop enthusiast. From there we move onward to more complex and even somewhat scary rolls and drops. (With a heavy spot, of course!)
Students must be able to mount the hoop comfortably. It is recommended (but not required) that students be able to get into a gazelle or hold a split under the bottom bar as well as mount the top bar.